If it feels right
it cant't be wrong


It's not how you plant it
But how you nourish it

and we agree with Internet.org...

Victor Lavega

Head of Product Design & Master of graphic arts.

Simon Whittard

CHH Mentor, multi-media production extraordinaire.

Santiago Corrales


Jenna Watson

Head of Communications

Takao Toshishige

CHH Founder, e-commerce and digital content samurai

Gil Agnew

CHH mentor, thought innovator and master of R&D.

Hank Fieger

CHH Head Coach; preaching principles of acceptance, change and success.

Salva Regas

Head of Product Design and Creative Leader

Quinton Jenkins

CHH Mentor, Ethnomusicologist and Social Change Agent

Fredrik Johnsson

The man behind CHH's innovation and future vision.

Michael Allen

CHH Founder, CMO & serial positivist

Joshua Thomson

CHH Founder; the man on the partnership front and global business development

Victor Zabrockis

CHH Founder & CEO; full time UI/UX guru and software designer

Are you a social influencer?

Zocko is Indonesia's first tool for social influencers to earn money through their audiences. It aggregates the worlds top affiliate networks, curates bespoke products and allows bloggers to share and monetize them through social media.


Create, edit and share new moments!

The perfect video creation app! It allows Clipsters to take pictures and make amazing customized videos with them. It's easy and fast, it's Indonesia's ultimate video editing app.


Learn all you need from those around you.

Belajoo is Indonesia's first social learning marketplace where both teachers and students can find the content they need to achieve success in their careers.

Indonesia's Number 1 Health Portal.

As Indonesia moves into the new age, health is in the forefront of the needs of its people. Soon!

A platform for Influencers to quantify and monetize their audience.

With Qaya's Live Media Kit (TM), Influencers can quantify the impact and engagement they create through all their channels.


Creating and moving images since 1999

OuYeah is a multidisciplinary team of designers, motion graphic artists and digital branding experts servicing bespoke clients from Singapore to Jakarta to Barcelona.


Fetching stories about real digital makers.

Only those who really do things know the reality of making mistakes and learning with them. The Git news monthly is an alternative to corporate digital news and focuses on those actually making things happen in the European digital scene.


Uniting digital makers by sharing personal stories.

TECTEC Barcelona is a gathering, a meeting and a networking opportunity for all those professionals in the Barcelona technology industry. It's designed to break down walls between hackers, entrepreneurs, investors and influencers. All while enjoying wine, live jazz and great company.



16 Raffles Quay, 33 #3


Jalan Wolter Mondinsidi 63B, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan


Calle Llull 70-72 - Bajos 6

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We're looking for developers!

Do you have an idea for software you would like to develop? We are an accelerator of developer entrepreneurs building beautiful and profitable software for the South East Asian markets.

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Do you have a great idea you want to develop? We are a seed stage incubator/accelerator very focused on design & code. Send us your email and we will contact you to set up a meeting.

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